Our Design Services

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CAD Drawings

CAD Drawings also known as a fashion flat is the first thing that every designer needs to create their design. A well illustrated sketch will show clear design details, artwork dimension and fabric composition resulting in a better product.

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Embroidery Digitalisation

Embroidery digitising is the process of converting existing artwork like a logo into a stitch file that can be processed by an embroidery machine. This is a process that must happen for each design you wish to embroider.



For best quality finish all Artwork submitted must be in a Vector format.

Vectors allow us to scale and resize images without alternating the quality of the artwork provided, this ensure a quality finish every time.

Our Production Services

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Offering you Screen Print, DTG Print and Vinyl Print (Block, Reflective and more). We will always advise you on which print style will best suit your design needs.

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Offering our customers high quality 2D and 3D embroidery. Not all designs will be suitable for embroidery but we will always advise you before placing an order. If unsure send over your artwork and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Our bespoke service means your design possibilities are endless, we have access to a ray of fabrics and can source hard to find materials for your job. Our bespoke service covers everything from Caps to Trainers, we simply need your design to get you a quote.




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Web Design

Ensure your business looks the part from the get go. Your website is your shop so make sure you're not over looking it. Let's work together so your customers can always find you online.

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Product shoots

Created the perfect product? 

Now you just need to show it off.

With our product shoots we ensure your items are showcased in the best light, whether it's a studio, lifestyle or flat pack shoot, we got you covered.


Order Management

As your business grows looking after your orders will become more and more time consuming, our order management service allows you to continue growing your business without the worry you won't be able to keep up with the demand.